13 June 2016
From 1 November Bert Scholte (58) will join Naktuinbouw and will become our new Head of Variety Testing following a hand-over period. He will succeed Kees van Ettekoven, who is set to retire in 2017.
9 June 2016
The CPVO organised the first meeting of the working group for the promotion of the use of DNA techniques in DUS testing (IMODDUS). The meeting was attended by representatives of testing stations with a background in bio-molecular techniques and/or knowledge of DUS, the business sector and external experts from universities.
7 June 2016
The application forms for vegetables and ornamentals used to submit a request for listing and/or granting of Plant Breeders’ Rights in the Netherlands have been modified. The technical questionnaires (TQs) have also been revised.
6 June 2016
In 2014, the Plant Breeders’ Rights agency in China appointed a new head: Mr Cui Yehan (Division Chief of PVP division, Development Center of Science and Technology). Accompanied by his colleague Mrs Yu Yi (Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences; Chendu DUS Testing Station), Mr Cui Yehan visited a number of companies and organisations in the Netherlands from 9 to 13 May.
6 May 2016
Technical working groups of UPOV, the ‘International Union for the protection of new plant varieties’ meet in June and July 2016. The guidelines of UPOV are used for DUS testing.