6 May 2016
Technical working groups of UPOV, the ‘International Union for the protection of new plant varieties’ meet in June and July 2016. The guidelines of UPOV are used for DUS testing. 
18 April 2016
from 14 till 16 November 2016 in the Netherlands. The aim of the workshop is to improve identification of seeds found as impurities in seed samples. Two experts in the field of seed identification, Renée Bekker and René Cappers of the University of Groningen are the trainers of the workshop.
8 April 2016
The new editions (2016-2020) of the List of Names of woody plants and the List of Names of perennials contain more than 12,000 new names.
3 February 2016
As from now on it is possible to submit online applications for listing in the Netherlands (Board for plant varieties) or France (GEVES) and/or Plant Breeders’ Rights on behalf of the CPVO, GEVES or Dutch Board for plant varieties. The online system is available on the website of the CPVO. At this moment it is possible to submit the species tomato and lettuce. Other species will become available in the course of 2016.
11 January 2016
The international trade fair IPM is taking place from 26 to 29 January 2016 in Essen, Germany. Naktuinbouw invites you to visit our stand. Naktuinbouw will be exhibiting in a joint stand with the German, French and English stations for DUS-testing and the CPVO (Community Plant Variety Office).