3 September 2014
CPVO (the Community Plant Variety Office) visited Naktuinbouw on Thursday 28 August. Naktuinbouw carries out research into European Plant Breeders’ Rights applications for CPVO.
3 September 2014
Five employees of the French research station GEVES met with CPVO and Naktuinbouw last Friday 29 August to discuss how to make a clearer distinction between shallots and onions. It was a tricky discussion, but ultimately the participants arrived at some common starting points.
3 September 2014
Naktuinbouw Variety Testing is trialling the impact of primed and non-primed seed in DUS testing on behalf of CPVO. Around 20 interested people visited the trial last Friday.
8 August 2014
To achieve international harmonisation in protocols for the detection of pospiviroids in tomato and pepper seeds Naktuinbouw shares its pospiviroid protocols. 
16 July 2014
The 18th Plant Variety Protection Course will be held from June 15th till June 26th 2015 in Wageningen, the Netherlands. Participants who wish to qualify for a scholarship through Nuffic must already register before 21 October 2014.