20 October 2015
At the 19th of October the meeting for the applicants has been organised by the Dutch board for plant varieties and Naktuinbouw. The agenda and presentations which were presented during the meeting are now available.
23 September 2015
Now and then Naktuinbouw receives an application of a ‘new’ vegetable crop. This might happen also for agricultural crops. As an example: a crossing between red and white cabbage or between onion and bunching onion. Of course you may apply for plant breeders’ rights, because the pbr system is open to varieties of all plant species.However, registration on the national and EU list to be able to market the variety, is not always required.To resolve doubts and to prevent from different conclusions in comparable situations, Naktuinbouw has developed a set of rules. Your reaction to these rules is welcomed.
18 September 2015
The 19th Plant Variety Protection Course will be held from June 13th till June 24th 2016 in Wageningen, the Netherlands. Participants who wish to qualify for a scholarship through Nuffic must already register before 20 October 2015.
7 September 2015
Naktuinbouw is very soon going to consult all the Elite companies concerned in the strawberry plant sector because it wants to tighten its testing programme for Elite strawberry plants. The reason for this is the discovery of a plant virus in one strawberry variety.
28 August 2015
We ask your attention for recent modifications in the submission requirements of ornamental species for Plant Breeders' Rights.