17 December 2014
Fees for DUS tests in 2015 have been determined by the Minister of Economic Affairs. Other fees have been determined too.An overview of all prices can be found at the page with fees of Variety Testing. There is an increase of 1 to 2%.
8 December 2014
During the annual UPOV week in October a presentation was given by ISF, CIOPORA and Croplife on the introduction of a Plant Breeders’ Rights system on global scale. Such a system would have major advantages for applicants. With one application, one DUS test and one decision Plant Breeders’ Rights could be granted in any of the participating (presently potentially 72) UPOV member states.
8 December 2014
During the recent meeting of the UPOV BMT (Working Group on Biochemical and Molecular Techniques, and DNA-Profiling in Particular) in Seoul Korea developments were reported that may lead to a further application of DNA techniques in the DUS testing process for Plant Breeders’ Rights.
5 November 2014
This monday the General Director of the Korean Seed & Variety Service (KSVS), Mr. Shin, and the Director of Naktuinbouw, John van Ruiten, signed a cooperation agreement. With this agreement the KSVS and Naktuinbouw can develop joint projects in the field of Plant Breeders' Rights and seeds and planting materials.
14 October 2014
The Plant Variety Protection (PVP) Course of Naktuinbouw will be held from 15 till 26 June 2015 in the Netherlands. When you want to attend this course you can apply for a scholarship.Deadline for application is 21 October!