23 September 2014
On 10 September Naktuinbouw organized a webinar with 70 participants in the room and 17 through a web connection. In the discussion on a number of presentations conclusions could be drawn concerning the ownership of the DUS sample and the use of DNA of the DUS samples.
3 September 2014
CPVO (the Community Plant Variety Office) visited Naktuinbouw on Thursday 28 August. Naktuinbouw carries out research into European Plant Breeders’ Rights applications for CPVO.
3 September 2014
Five employees of the French research station GEVES met with CPVO and Naktuinbouw last Friday 29 August to discuss how to make a clearer distinction between shallots and onions. It was a tricky discussion, but ultimately the participants arrived at some common starting points.
3 September 2014
Naktuinbouw Variety Testing is trialling the impact of primed and non-primed seed in DUS testing on behalf of CPVO. Around 20 interested people visited the trial last Friday.
8 August 2014
To achieve international harmonisation in protocols for the detection of pospiviroids in tomato and pepper seeds Naktuinbouw shares its pospiviroid protocols.