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Testing for varietal trueness and/or varietal purity

Naktuinbouw has facilities to perform a range of tests on plant varieties. Varieties can be planted in the trial field and described and samples can be studied for varietal trueness, varietal purity and other characteristics indicated by the company submitting the samples.

Naktuinbouw invites these companies to visit the facility and, together with Naktuinbouw employees, inspect and assess the plants at a stage of development that makes a sound assessment possible. After the tests, Naktuinbouw draws up a written assessment report.

The Naktuinbouw inspector can also sample lots, to give you an assessment of the entire lot of seed or plants. The costs for sampling will be invoiced separately.

Varietal trueness and varietal purity in vegetable crops

The costs for this determination test depend on the number of plants required. A standard number is usually sufficient to be able to determine varietal trueness, but for the determination of varietal purity double this number of plants is preferable.

A test run under artificial light in the winter period is also available for onions, beetroot and carrots.


Varietal trueness in potatoes and grasses

The potatoes are allowed to sprout under light in a specially equipped chamber. These sprouts are highly variety specific and after twelve weeks a large number of characteristic can be assessed and described. As well as verifying varietal trueness, a variety can also be identified based on the characteristics of the sprouts. The costs can be found in the list of fees. The tests are run from February to May.


Naktuinbouw can test samples of grasses for varietal trueness using row trials. The sample under consideration is sowed in rows and compared to the reference sample on which the DUS test was based. The costs can be found in the list of fees. Sowing is done in May/June, the assessment and report take place in the following year.


If you think you need a DNA test to assess the identity of plant material: Naktuinbouw is well equiped for this. The combination of a DNA test and an examination in a field trial is a strong one. Naktuinbouw Variety Tracer is willing to help you.

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