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Plant Breeders’ Rights for food security and economic development

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€ 2500,-

The online program is a self-paced training program featuring 8 e-learning modules. It offers 80 hours of learning material. The modules will be accessible to you for a duration of six months.

The e-learning modules are designed to give you an in-depth understanding of the key aspects of the UPOV Plant Variety Protection system.

The modules cover various critical topics such as the significance and advantages of a (harmonized) PBR system, the legal framework established by the UPOV Convention, administrative procedures, different PVP systems, the background and practical aspects of DUS-testing, the use of molecular techniques in PVP, enforcement of rights, exemptions to these rights, and the relationship between PVP and seed systems, as well as genetic resources treaties.

To enhance your learning experience, the program features videos where individuals from different countries share their personal reflections and insights on their journeys with PVP systems.

Start date: on request

Target group

This course is designed for legal, administrative, policy, or executive professionals who work in the plant variety protection system, regardless if they work in the public or private sector.


Those who register will have the opportunity to participate in the UPOV Distance Learning Courses titled 'Introduction to the UPOV System of Plant Variety Protection under the UPOV Convention' (DL-205) and 'Administration of Plant Breeders' Rights' (DL-305) free of charge.

This course is a UPOV-endorsed training. After finishing this course, you will be granted 20 credits for the UPOV PVP Certificate program.

Date and location

Start date: on request (access after payment)
Location: online


The structure of the program:

Module 1 - Plant Breeders’ Rights:  Importance and Benefits
Module 2 - Legal framework, UPOV Convention
Module 3 - Administrative Aspects, PVP systems
Module 4 - Technical DUS Examination part 1
Module 5 - Technical DUS Examination part 2
Module 6 - Enforcement of the Rights, exemptions for non-commercial use and FSS
Module 7 – European PBR, Seed Systems, Genetic Resources Policies
Module 8 - (optional assignment) – Roadmap to implementation of a PBR system

Every module offers a comprehensive learning experience through a variety of resources, including reading materials, interactive assignments, presentations, and videos from experts all around the world. To progress through the program, you must pass an online test at the end of each module before moving on to the next one.

Module 8 is an optional assignment that invites participants to create a Road Map towards their country's PVP system with specific targets and a time frame. Our DUS team is happy to evaluate the Road Map and provide feedback.

All content is in English. After completing the course, participants will receive a certificate.

Join us in this online program to gain expertise in the plant breeders' rights system and contribute effectively to the field of plant variety protection.

If you are interested in a tailored selection of these 8 modules, please contact us so we can make you an offer.


The training fee is € 2,500. The optional module plus feedback is included in this price. The program will be available to you for a period of 6 months.


Team Training courses: +31 (0)71 332 62 70 / trainingcourses@naktuinbouw.nl